What are the chances

My money’s on Prince George Alexander Louis being dyslexic

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Prince George Alexander Louis grew up to be dyslexic?

What a boost that would be for us dyslexics to know that we are in good company!

In fact the odds are quite high on this. 10% of the population are dyslexic so the odds are already 10/1 but the Middletons and Windsors both have dyslexia in their families so that increases the odds considerably.

Kate’s brother James is reputed to be severely dyslexic and had to have special coaching to read at his sister’s wedding. Then HRH Princess Beatrice is dyslexic and even told us about her dyslexic experience at school in our book “Dyslexia and Us”.

But more importantly HRH Prince Harry is dyslexic and as he has exactly the same gene pool as his brother William, it is very possible that his nephew will inherit the dyslexic gene amongst that blue blood.

Dyslexia often jumps generations or goes zig zag through families. Michael Heseltine, former deputy prime minister, is dyslexic and so is his son, but not his daughter. However his daughter’s children are all dyslexic.

The Orr family, a well know farming family in the Scottish Borders, has dyslexia popping up in several generations and across the cousins. Alexander Orr, presently 18 years old, is dyslexic as was his grandfather, and his father, uncle and first cousins are also dyslexic. Then this pesky dyslexia takes a leap and turns up in Alexander’s second cousins too who have no less than 9 dyslexics in their family but they are all doing pretty well with college and university education and currently in jobs.

Andrew Duncan on the left, father of Alexander Orr in the middle and Duncan Orr on the right, uncle of Alexander
Andrew Duncan on the left, father of Alexander Orr in the middle and Duncan Orr on the right, uncle of Alexander

Of course, we will have to wait about 10 years to find out if Prince George Alexander Louis is dyslexic by which time he will potentially have dyslexic siblings. A dyslexic royal family, wouldn’t that be great, at last someone at the top who would really understand the condition and might even open the eyes of the nation to what it is like to be dyslexic. Welcome Prince George Alexander Louis to the world of dyslexia, I’m putting my money on you!



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