Dyslexia Stories 7

Telling your dyslexia story on video or in audio

In the previous blog post we started exploring some of the ways you can tell your own dyslexia story.  We did that by looking at some opportunities to do so in person.  In this blog post, we are going to explore 2 more ways to tell your dyslexia story, namely on video and in audio.  See blog post 3 for further details of nos. A4, A5 and B1. 

A. Telling your dyslexia story on video:

1) Dyslexia Scotland

2)I am Dyslexic’ film

3) Make your own video recording

4) The 1In5 Initiative

5) Dyslexia Together

B. Telling your dyslexia story in audio:

1) The Codpast

2) Make your own audio recording

  • Tell your story onto an audio recording device
  • If you use a digital device, you can save it as an audio file and share it electronically e.g. on a blog, on DropBox or by email.
  • Your audio can be any length you like e.g. 3 minutes or an audiobook

I hope you are enjoying discovering different ways you can tell your dyslexia story. Just to recap, so far, in this blog post and the previous one, we have explored 3 ways you can tell your dyslexia story:

  • In person
  • Through video
  • In audio

The next and final 2 blog posts in this series might be the most exciting ones for some dyslexics because they are about being creative! In them, we will look at telling your dyslexia story through art, e-books, and the written word including creative writing.


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We encourage and enable people with dyslexia, regardless of their age and abilities, to reach their potential.

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