Baby Bunting’s Summertime

This post was inspired by a recent BBC 4 documentary about George Gershwin’s Summertime, which is apparently the most covered song of all time. Whilst watching the program I also thought of the Bye Baby Bunting nursery rhyme. Below I will re-word and mash up these two songs to relate why I believe Dr Jim White’s Stress Control course can be extremely useful to individuals with dyslexia. Also Matthew Johnstone’s concept of the Black Dog of depression may make an appearance too.


And the livin’ is stressful

Dyslexia is jumpin’

And the stress is high

Your anxiety’s rich

And your depression’s backward looking

So hush the ‘If onlys’ and ‘What ifs’ of dyslexia


Bye confident and calm person

Thought’s gone a’haunting

Wellbeing’s gone a’melting

Panicky feelings’ gone a’swinging

Action’s gone to bring trouble

To wrap the brave and cool person within.


Don’t you stress and cry

One of these days

You’re going to gain control and rise up singing

Then you’ll shed those blinkers and see things clearly.

But for now meditate, to control your body

Dyslexia can’t harm you

With stress control and wellbeing standing by


Bye person I want to be

Grasshopper thought’s gone a jumping

To find those blinkers

To wrap my confidence in



And the thinkin’ is stressful

Grasshoppers are jump’

And the blinkers are high

Your stress voice is loud

And your common sense voice is drowned out

So brush back those blinkers

Don’t carry on

One of these 5 challenges

You’re going to combat and rise above the stressing

Then you’ll progressively relax

But till then retrain your breathing

With stress control and wellbeing standing by.


Bye happy baby

Daddy’s gone a hunting

That black dog skin

That should never wrap his baby within.

Doreen Kelly

Dyslexia Scotland volunteer and member






Published by Dyslexia Scotland

We encourage and enable people with dyslexia, regardless of their age and abilities, to reach their potential.

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