Top 10 tips for an inclusive classroom

As a dyslexic pupil and student Primary Teacher I feel passionate that the classroom should be a welcoming place for each individual, irrespective of how you learn.  My top 10 tips for an inclusive classroom are: Allow children thinking time when asking them a question. Use a voluntary approach to reading out loud in classContinue reading “Top 10 tips for an inclusive classroom”

My dyslexic college experience

by a dyslexic student At school I didn’t think I was different to anyone else. I was not a low achiever but found exams stressful. I hated being asked to read aloud in class. I was a slow, not very fluent reader. I wasn’t very good at spelling and was rubbish at languages. I’m notContinue reading “My dyslexic college experience”

Me, Myself and I + Dyslexia (Part 2)

Leading on from my Part 1 blog, here is a list of my top 5 tips, that I want to share, in the hope that it might help other people. My Top 5 Tips Technology – I love Grammarly. My work pays for me to have the premium edition, which is great, but even theContinue reading “Me, Myself and I + Dyslexia (Part 2)”