Dyslexic Hero – by Jamie-Max Caldwell

  Last night as I lay in bed scrolling through my Facebook on my phone and texting my friend. The news feeds starting popping up one after the other ‘Robin Williams RIP’.  Great sadness came over me – as I’ll describe the man that was Robin Williams was a ‘Dyslexic Hero’ of mine and alwaysContinue reading “Dyslexic Hero – by Jamie-Max Caldwell”


Teenage stress and dyslexia – by Nicola Morgan

Teenagers have a few different stresses from adults. One that we forget is this: every schoolday, teenagers are under pressure to succeed at things they are not good at. Adults usually don’t because we’ve chosen jobs where we focus on our strengths. We usually avoid doing things we’re bad at. But picture a typical dayContinue reading “Teenage stress and dyslexia – by Nicola Morgan”

An Ode to Spike Milligan and Anita Govan

Congratulations go to our volunteer Doreen Kelly who has won ‘Best Overall Poem’ at Craigmillar Creative Writing Competition.  We think her poem sums up living with dyslexia beautifully and evokes the best of silly verse from Spike Milligan. An Ode to Spike Milligan and Anita Govan by Doreen Kelly I am Doreen Kelly: Ding KingContinue reading “An Ode to Spike Milligan and Anita Govan”

Dyslexia and Us – a review by Vin Arthey

Why has it taken me two months to file my review of this book?  Well, I’m dyslexic, so I’m somewhat disorganised.  Not only that, it takes me quite a long time to read things, and then it takes me quite a long time to write things.  I begin this way not to make excuses, or toContinue reading “Dyslexia and Us – a review by Vin Arthey”