Dyslexia, mental health and wellbeing – new documentary launched

We’re delighted to be working with Blue Star Streaming on a documentary about dyslexia and mental health. We’ll be providing support and advice; with some of our team featured in the film, along with other participants.

2020 Vision

The year 2020 still sounds like a science fiction, long-way-off date of the future, yet here we are. When Oswald Berkhan first identified dyslexia in 1881, I wonder whether he’d even dreamed of the dynamic developments in research, information and assistive technology that would be around almost 140 years on, or even that dyslexic peopleContinue reading “2020 Vision”

Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland 2019

Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland’s 2019 theme is Building Independence for Life. Dyslexia Scotland Volunteers Manager Helen Fleming highlights a few of the charity’s activities that promote independent learning.

Dyslexia Scotland’s Resource Centre

A brilliant service and resource for Members. I am Doreen and I have recently taken over the resource centre volunteer role. I have known about the resource centre for years, but somehow never got round to using it until I was put in charge of it. I have noticed the main users of the resources are tutors.Continue reading “Dyslexia Scotland’s Resource Centre”