Iconic image captured on canvas

Scottish Contemporary Artist Jonathan Mitchell has donated an original Oil painting of Sir Jackie Stewart racing at the 1969 German Grand Prix in the Matra MS80. The Painting was commissioned in co-operation with our President Sir Jackie Stewart to raise fund and awareness for Dyslexia Scotland. Jonathan says ‘ I have had the pleasure of meeting Sir Jackie a couple of times now. My firstContinue reading “Iconic image captured on canvas”

Life is like a hurdle race. If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take the next one at a run

One of the things I have discovered about dyslexia is that it does not go away. When I was really young I used to think if I ignored it, it wouldn’t really matter, and I found that’s not the case. Then I used to think that if I just worked hard enough it wouldn’t matter,Continue reading “Life is like a hurdle race. If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take the next one at a run”

Young Scot Award for our Young Person’s Ambassador?

It is official and we are excited to announce that Ellie has been nominated as a finalist in the Young Scot Awards 2013. Ellie was nominated for the Health category and will be up against two other finalists for the award. We nominated Ellie for this prestigious honour for the work she has done toContinue reading “Young Scot Award for our Young Person’s Ambassador?”

Great news for dyslexic adults and children

Last month three judges of the Upper Tribunal ruled that a mother had the right to claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA) on behalf of her ten year old son because he is dyslexic. This is a landmark decision and gives clear guidance of the evidence needed for future applications from dyslexic people to receive DLA. The decisionContinue reading “Great news for dyslexic adults and children”

Sundance Kid’s film about dyslexia

We know that dyslexia affects people all over the world but we were intrigued last year when we were approached by American film maker James Redford – yes, that Redford family – about a film he had made about dyslexia. James, Robert Redford’s son, and his wife had struggled to support their dyslexic son DylanContinue reading “Sundance Kid’s film about dyslexia”