A Knitter Without Yarn and Yarns With Knitting

    Places without people. People without place.   Knit six.   Yarn over.   Knit two together.   Hello, isn’t the weather awful today? How are you?       Success without failure. Failure without success.   Yarn over.   Knit two together.   Knit fifteen.   I’m not feeling great myself. What youContinue reading “A Knitter Without Yarn and Yarns With Knitting”

Dyslexia Workshop

July arrived and so did the sun, rain and wind, but no weather could deter from the enthusiasm and talent of the children I had the delight of sharing the Dyslexia workshop with. As the children stepped through the door of The Barefoot Sanctuary into the workshop the energy rose up and excitement and nervesContinue reading “Dyslexia Workshop”

Dyslexia made me, society tried to stop me

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy” John Mason I recently decorated the above canvas bag. I was inspired to do this because I created something similar at Women Making It (in Glasgow Women’s Library) and also by Richard Branson’s ‘Made by Dyslexia’ campaign. I think it is time to list some clichésContinue reading “Dyslexia made me, society tried to stop me”

Arts Award Champions!

Dyslexia Scotland is thrilled to announce that Trinity College London has selected us to be one of their Arts Award Champion Centres for 2019-20. Arts Award is a set of unique qualifications that support young people up to age 25 to take part in arts activities, learn about the arts and artists, express themselves throughContinue reading “Arts Award Champions!”

Dyslexia and Recruitment: Square Pegs and a Round Circle

Way back in the 13th Century, a selection of artists were asked to demonstrate their competence for a job as a painter for Pope Benedict XI. Each provided an elaborate, detailed sketch to prove their abilities. Except for Giotto, who simply drew a single perfect circle. Guess what? He got the job. Dyslexia and JobContinue reading “Dyslexia and Recruitment: Square Pegs and a Round Circle”