My first time at the Edinburgh Fringe

As a writer I had always wanted to attend and perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.  In 1947 a group of theatre companies just turned up uninvited to the Edinburgh International Festival.  The Edinburgh Fringe grew from there and is now regarded as one of the biggest arts festivals in the world.  The festival has aContinue reading “My first time at the Edinburgh Fringe”

Arts Award Champions!

Dyslexia Scotland is thrilled to announce that Trinity College London has selected us to be one of their Arts Award Champion Centres for 2019-20. Arts Award is a set of unique qualifications that support young people up to age 25 to take part in arts activities, learn about the arts and artists, express themselves throughContinue reading “Arts Award Champions!”

Bear with me

Bear with me as I fumble for words, it takes time, which may seem absurd   Bear with me as I doodle and draw, I have the feeling I just can’t write anymore   Bear with me as I go for a walk to clear my head, to try and lift this feeling of dreadContinue reading “Bear with me”