Finding my way has never been easy!

I am not very good at directions, many people might think this is a gender thing, as the jokes go, women and directions and all that nonsense. But for me it goes deeper than that, I even get lost on a well travelled path and getting from A to B can be a bit ofContinue reading “Finding my way has never been easy!”

Because I never got it right

There are always those few words that just don’t stick. It doesn’t matter how many times you use them or people correct them, you just can’t get them right. Sometimes, when writing something you will spell the same word a different way every time you write it. I had a few growing up and stillContinue reading “Because I never got it right”

Mind Mapping – like connecting the dots

My daughter came to me with a problem recently. She has only just been identified as dyslexic and she still doesn’t really understand what it all means. We are however beginning to deal with her difficulties and seeing what works for her. Well, her problem was to do with writing stories at school. She toldContinue reading “Mind Mapping – like connecting the dots”

Form Filling, a Dyslexic Perspective

Ok, I don’t think that anyone particularly likes filling in forms. There may be some people who enjoy it but for me and I’m sure many of my fellow dyslexics, filling in forms evokes a fear worse than that moment when you have reached the top of a roller coaster. You know that it’s inevitableContinue reading “Form Filling, a Dyslexic Perspective”