Dyslexia: Beyond words – Dyslexia Awareness Week 2013

This years programme is launched, visit our website to find out more and get involved with some of the exciting events we have planned for Dyslexia Awareness Week 2013. Dyslexia Awareness Week 2013 runs from 4th – 9th November the theme this year is Dyslexia Beyond Words. An exciting programme of events will run across ScotlandContinue reading “Dyslexia: Beyond words – Dyslexia Awareness Week 2013”

All the books I wish I’d read

I love to read, I do it for pleasure and there is nothing better than immersing yourself in a fictional world where you can create something really unique to your reading experiences. However, I have a tedious love, hate relationship with this pastime. I recently moved house and had to pack up all my worldlyContinue reading “All the books I wish I’d read”

If – poems about Dyslexia

We have been sent these wonderful poems by a very talented lady and we think they sum things up very well. We hope that you enjoy them half as much as we have. If you can cope with amazing talent coupled with absolute inability, And face both with the same attitude; If you can trust your talent when all around youContinue reading “If – poems about Dyslexia”

Lost in Translation

It was never my intention to write anything remotely like a sequel to my Lost for Words? blog, however it later occurred to me that, as a result of some dyslexics having trouble with sarcasm, tone of voice and phrases that are not meant to be taken literally, spoken English, particularly in the UK, canContinue reading “Lost in Translation”

Lost for Words?

  Recently The Oxford English Dictionary (hereafter known as the OED in the interest of brevity) has added around one thousand new words to its online lexicon.   Some of the new entries include selfie (a photo taken on a smartphone of yourself that is usually uploaded to a social networking site) phablet (apparently usedContinue reading “Lost for Words?”

What are the chances

My money’s on Prince George Alexander Louis being dyslexic Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Prince George Alexander Louis grew up to be dyslexic? What a boost that would be for us dyslexics to know that we are in good company! In fact the odds are quite high on this. 10% of the population are dyslexic so theContinue reading “What are the chances”

Finding my way has never been easy!

I am not very good at directions, many people might think this is a gender thing, as the jokes go, women and directions and all that nonsense. But for me it goes deeper than that, I even get lost on a well travelled path and getting from A to B can be a bit ofContinue reading “Finding my way has never been easy!”

Because I never got it right

There are always those few words that just don’t stick. It doesn’t matter how many times you use them or people correct them, you just can’t get them right. Sometimes, when writing something you will spell the same word a different way every time you write it. I had a few growing up and stillContinue reading “Because I never got it right”

Mind Mapping – like connecting the dots

My daughter came to me with a problem recently. She has only just been identified as dyslexic and she still doesn’t really understand what it all means. We are however beginning to deal with her difficulties and seeing what works for her. Well, her problem was to do with writing stories at school. She toldContinue reading “Mind Mapping – like connecting the dots”