My first time at the Edinburgh Fringe

As a writer I had always wanted to attend and perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.  In 1947 a group of theatre companies just turned up uninvited to the Edinburgh International Festival.  The Edinburgh Fringe grew from there and is now regarded as one of the biggest arts festivals in the world.  The festival has aContinue reading “My first time at the Edinburgh Fringe”

A Knitter Without Yarn and Yarns With Knitting

    Places without people. People without place.   Knit six.   Yarn over.   Knit two together.   Hello, isn’t the weather awful today? How are you?       Success without failure. Failure without success.   Yarn over.   Knit two together.   Knit fifteen.   I’m not feeling great myself. What youContinue reading “A Knitter Without Yarn and Yarns With Knitting”

Action Plus Reaction Equals Interaction

This poem was originally published in Issue 8 of Blether Stories: “I have come here for a bit of a blether.” Is what some might say. In the event of social interaction. My reaction is action (get away, far away). Action plus reaction equals interaction. My reactions are unusual. Not normal! But then – WhatContinue reading “Action Plus Reaction Equals Interaction”

Continuing to ease positive change nationally

Dyslexia is a condition that has no cure, unlike some of the myths around this. I like many others have struggled with reading, writing all my life. Dyslexia is a term that is sometimes associated with Dyspraxia (affects neuro functions) or Dyscalculia (ability with maths). A common trend is that those with dyslexia feel stupid,Continue reading “Continuing to ease positive change nationally”

The Amazing Dyslexic Poetry Show

There are some negative perceptions about those with dyslexia. Such as:- “Lazy”, “Stupid,” “Won’t amount too much” These words are all things that have been said to me. I was aged 7 when I realised I had stories that ran around in my head and I used to daydream, acting them out.  I didn’t knowContinue reading “The Amazing Dyslexic Poetry Show”

Dyslexia Awareness: Moving Mountains

               Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland is here again. In the past 5 years or so, Ellie’s blue ribbons have gone from strength to strength. Therefore some of us might be beginning to take Dyslexia Awareness Week for granted and finding it all a bit too much work. However, IContinue reading “Dyslexia Awareness: Moving Mountains”

Bear with me

Bear with me as I fumble for words, it takes time, which may seem absurd   Bear with me as I doodle and draw, I have the feeling I just can’t write anymore   Bear with me as I go for a walk to clear my head, to try and lift this feeling of dreadContinue reading “Bear with me”