About Dyslexia Scotland’s blog


We aim to inspire and empower people with dyslexia to reach their full potential. Our blog is a way to raise awareness of dyslexia and how it features in all of our lives, work and learning. This is also a platform for dyslexic people themselves to tell their stories and showcase their creative writing talent.

Dyslexia Scotland is Scotland’s national charity for dyslexia. Based in Stirling, we have a network of volunteer-led branches and adult networks across Scotland. We play a leading role in supporting dyslexic people and in the development of policy and practice on dyslexia-related issues.

Our small group of seven committed and experienced paid staff is complemented by around 150 dedicated volunteers working at national and local levels in an impressive range of roles. We are determined to ensure transformational and sustainable improvements for people with dyslexia, living, working and learning in Scotland.

To do this, we have set 4 clear goals:

  1. To provide and promote high quality services to dyslexic people of all ages and those who support them
  2. To influence and achieve positive change locally and nationally
  3. To give dyslexic people an effective individual and collective voice
  4. To support our network of branches, members, volunteers and partners

Visit our websites to find out more about our work:

Become a Member of Dyslexia Scotland

Contact our Dyslexia Helpline on 0344 800 8484 or helpline@dyslexiascotland.org.uk

Our blog aims to raise awareness of dyslexia and highlight personal stories about dyslexia, occasionally we will highlight helpful resources/organisations. Our blog is written by many different people and, although everything we share is in line with our values, some of the views expressed are personal and do not necessarily reflect the wider views of Dyslexia Scotland. We’re proud to share the words of our staff, volunteers and other partners and we hope you enjoy reading their blogs.

Please note: Dyslexia Scotland cannot endorse any particular products/services.


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