Sundance Kid’s film about dyslexia

We know that dyslexia affects people all over the world but we were intrigued last year when we were approached by American film maker James Redford – yes, that Redford family – about a film he had made about dyslexia.

James, Robert Redford’s son, and his wife had struggled to support their dyslexic son Dylan for years and the film explores the family’s experiences over the years.

It also features a host of other dyslexic people from all walks of life including people like Sir Richard Branson and leading financier Charles Shwab. These public figures might be incredibly successful now, but they talk candidly about how they struggled earlier on in life and how they used their strengths to get where they are today.

Initially it was decided that we would show the film during Dyslexia Awareness Week, but we did wonder – would a film like this work in the UK? The answer was a resounding YES and following lots of interest we have arranged some further screenings in Scotland starting in Dumfries next week. You will also get a chance to see it if you live near Stirling, Stornoway or Glasgow so check out the Events page of our website to find out more.

See the trailer below

Poster DumfriesPoster StornowayPosterStirling


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We encourage and enable people with dyslexia, regardless of their age and abilities, to reach their potential.

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